District Electoral Areas Commissioner for Northern Ireland

Welcome to the website of District Electoral Areas Commissioner for Northern Ireland. This site provides general information about our work and details progress made in the review of District Electoral Areas (DEAs), which is expected to run from 21st January 2013 for a period of one year.

The task of the Commissioner is to make recommendations for the grouping of new wards within the eleven new local government districts into DEAs, for the purposes of local government elections in each of those districts.

The Commissioner’s role and responsibilities are set out in Legislation. His position is independent of government.

Update on 24 January 2014 - Further to the publication of the Commissioner's Recommendations and Maps on the 13 December 2013, the work of the Office of the District Electoral Areas Commissioner is now complete. Any further enquiries should now be directed to electionsunit@nio.x.gsi.gov.uk.